The advantage of advertising bartering

Advertising bartering is not a novelty, this system enables any company to pay all their advertisement just by using their property and services.

Advertising bartering offers numerous benefits both to businesses and advertising agencies, like a minor use of liquidity and a stock deduction. Using products to buy advertisements will prevent the business from employing its liquidity, which is what makes advertising bartering an exceptional financial tool that can offer important advantages.

Since their selling prices are far lower than their list prices, these products cannot be sold through the traditional distribution channels.

Usually, these items and services are sold in specific chains of stores whose access is given only to a restricted group. These shops are just like a shopping paradise where you can always find products at an average discount of 50% on the list prices. To enter these stores you will need a card that is usually given to the employees of large companies that work mainly in the marketing and communication sectors and are located almost only in major cities.

This is when Shopping Tale comes in: its job is to take all the goods and services offered by the Barter Companies or the advertising agencies and upload them on the Internet, to not make them available only in big cities like Rome and Milan.

However, even in this case, the card is given only to the employees of affiliated companies.

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