Company agreements

Advertising bartering Advertising bartering represents an interesting opportunity for all those companies that care about the satisfaction of their and employees and staff.

The Barter Companies need to sell quickly their products, making their selling prices highly competitive just for a few special people: employees and partners of the affiliated companies.

For a business to be affiliated with the Barter companies, they don’t have to pay anything, but some qualifications are required.

Thanks to this agreement, your partners and employees can sign up to our site free of charge, and they will have access to our reserved area, where they will find the possibility to buy any item at unbelievable prices and offers; everything while they are staying comfortably at home.

On the other hand, if you are a business and you are interested in advertising bartering for your marketing campaigns, we will introduce you to the Shopping Tale – accredited Barter Companies, which is a unique opportunity to internationalise small businesses. Discover all the advantages of advertising bartering.

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